Thursday, October 8, 2015

FASHION TAPE | Masha Lopatova

We are seeing a lot of sheer tops, deep V necks, and even semi-open blouses on the runways and on the streets. It's a complicated business to wear something like this tastefully. The first rule is to downplay other areas... For example, when wearing a deep V it looks more elegant if there isn't too much other skin showing, so longer sleeves can be really helpful for this. Another thing is tape, not just any tape of course… fashion tape. If you have a deep V neck or even a blouse that is open, you can use fashion tape to secure the fabric to your skin to keep it from flapping open. The great thing about fashion tape is it can help secure clothing in other ways, to create a shape that is flattering for each woman's physique. 

Masha Lopatova

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