Wednesday, August 19, 2015

St Tropez, My Secret Summer Escape

One of the greatest experiences I've had the pleasure of in my life, is summering in St Tropez. Each summer we leave the world and bask in the life of this little village by the French Riviera.

It's a unique and magical place, so it's no wonder that so many flock to enjoy it during the month of August. Like the locals, I would have to say that though this is the "party" season, this time of year does not offer St Tropez's best and most beautiful moments. It's in May and June, and again in September and October that the true spirit of this little town comes to life.

Yesterday my staff at Fashion IQ posted a story about my life in St Tropez. If you want to travel there soon, it would be my pleasure to share my secret tips for truly enjoying the experience

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